Happy clients who have embraced thoughtful tending of themselves.

Jessica has been my primary yoga instructor for the past 4 years. I can’t recommend her highly enough! Jessica’s warmth and genuine care for each person who enters her yoga class is obvious from the first moment you enter the studio. Her passion for yoga is equally apparent. One of Jessica’s many strengths is her ability to tailor each session to fit the particular needs and interests of the attendees. With her gentle guidance, Jessica allows her students to make each practice their own and provides them with the tools to accomplish their personal yoga goals. If you you’re searching for a thoughtful, engaging, and inspiring yoga instructor, look no further! Teresa Thornton

Shoreline, WA | OmCulture Greenlake

Jessica is very warm, caring, and attentive. Her focus is community and she makes her clients feel like they are home. Ruby Rayne

Bellevue, WA | Leaf to Root

Jessica has an amazing talent to connect with the whole class, and guide them along, no matter what skill level they are practicing at. Jessica not only teaches yoga, but takes you on a journey and travels along with you. She’s simply amazing. Tyson Vonn Beck

Seattle, WA | OmCulture Greenlake

I first met Jessica when I attended a yoga retreat at the Inian Islands Institute in Alaska. Jess effortlessly integrated the awe of the setting with daily yoga and meditation practices to create one holistic experience. The attendees ranged from serious yoga practitioners to first timers and everything in between. Each person receiving the attention and thoughtful guidance that was suited to them. Many months later when I happened to be traveling to the Seattle area the first thing I did was look her up so I could arrange to attend one of her local classes. Thoughtful, personal, passionate and genuine, I would highly recommend Jessica for your personal practice or a retreat experience. Wendy Cypert

Galt, CA | Inian Islands Institute

Jessica’s classes are an experience!  Uniquely, she reliably tunes her teaching space to suit the season and the energy that the attendees collectively bring into the room.  I have been coming to her class for the past four years, and am always impressed by her ability to connect the class with their surroundings. As a Pilates instructor with a background in classical ballet, I wholeheartedly endorse her eye for precision, and ability to find, gently accommodate, and appropriately challenge, the individual boundaries of her students.

Gabrielle D'Ambrosio

Seattle, WA | OmCulture Greenlake

Jessica’s yoga classes are calming, empowering, creative, playful, and mindful. Her style of delivery provides for lots of options and expansion in asanas. Jessica truly cares about her students, and makes time to chat before or after class. Her demeanor is calm, accepting, and slightly whimsical… she is a gift to the yoga community, indeed!

Mallory Larson

Seattle, WA | Seattle Athletic Club Northgate

My work schedule can sometimes be extremely demanding, leaving me feeling exhausted and sometimes a little overwhelmed by the workload. When I attend Jessica’s classes, I release it all and end practice feeling relaxed and refreshed. Her serene demeanor, warmth and the genuine care she shows for the wellbeing of those in the class is a wonderful gift!

Jacqueline Wolfe

Seattle, WA | OmCulture Greenlake